So, Like, How Does it Work?

the questions we get on repeat!

How long can I rent a dress?

Under rental duration select a 4, 7 or 10 day rental period for each of your pieces.

Where can I pickup my order?

If you opted for free in-store pickup, you can pickup your order at Thrift Pony. The address is 1110 Morningside Dr. Charlotte, NC 28211. There is plenty of parking and you will receive an email reminder to pickup and drop of your rental.

Where do you deliver and how much does it cost?

FOR LOCAL DELIVERY PLEASE TOGGLE THE GREEN BUTTON AT CHECKOUT! the following zip codes 28205, 28206, 28208, 28209, 28211, 28212. The cost for delivery and pickup of your rental is $5.99

Do I need to clean my rental outfits?

No, we will take care of all of the cleaning! Cloud Closet partners with 2Ulaudry to clean all of our clothes!

DAMAGEWhat happens if I damage my rental dress?

If there is any damage to the dress, please send a photo and your order # to We will access the level of damage and charge the card on file. We will cover minor repairs such as loose strings, light stains, etc. If the dress has excessive damage such as rips, holes, stains that will not come out, etc. You will be charge 50% of the retail price of the item.